Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark


Guidelines for Visiting Hong Kong Geopark


Before Setting Off


  1. Check out the Hong Kong Geopark website and brochures before planning your trip.
  2. Check the weather forecast. Do not visit the geopark during bad weather.
  3. Prepare suitable clothing, with sun protection or rain gear.
  4. Inform family members of your itinerary. Avoid hiking alone.
  5. Bring communication devices, and ample drinking water and food.


Sightseeing Rules


  1. Do not deface anything with graffiti, or damage or take away any rocks.
  2. Do not disturb or harm wildlife.
  3. Do not wander off the recommended sightseeing routes.
  4. Some islands and coastal areas have no visitor facilities. They should be observed from a boat. Avoid getting ashore or visiting them when there are strong easterly winds.
  5. Don’t hike near cliffs in order to prevent injuries from rock falls.
  6. Don’t climb on outcrops, slopes or rocky coasts in order to prevent accidents.
  7. Respect the geopark communities and their heritage.
  8. Camp only at designated sites.
  9. Note the safety warning signs at geosites.
  10. Stay alert to weather and environmental changes.
  11. Take your litter home.


The conservation of the geosites in Hong Kong is in our hands!


bulletPlease also refer to the details provided by the Country Park Hiking Safety Guidelines.


Safety signage
Safety first
Safety signage
Safety first



  Video on safety guidelines for visiting geosites






Enjoy Your Geopark Journey.



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