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Bride's Pool

Silver Falls (Half-day course)



Hong Kong has countless hillside streams, the Bride's Pool remain natural and often are remarkably beautiful. It is probably the most famous waterfall located at the northern region of New Territories. The neighboring area is dominated by steep ranges, which give Bride's Pool is abundant year-round flow. Nestling below, Bride's Pool runs through a long gorge and over a series of waterfalls and cascades. Even in the dry months water gurgles down, while the potholes in the stream rocks indicate the violent rushing of summer torrents. Woodland grows to the water's edge, and some hardy trees grow on the stream's islets.
Bride’s Pool has a folk tale behind it. Legend has it that a bride passed by this treacherous part of the trail on her way to her wedding. In bad weather, the wedding sedan chair’s porter lost his footing and the bride fell into the pool, washed down the falls and drowned. In memory of this ill-fated bride, the pool was named Bride’s Pool.

To interpret the stream's vegetation, the Bride's Pool Nature Trail guides visitors along the banks. Wayside markers identify the more interesting trees: swamp mahogany, camphor trees, incense trees with their fragrant wood - and climbers like the leathery sandpaper vine. For many people the surrounds are memorable. As the nature trail winds above the gorge, glimpsed through a curtain of trees is the eastern end of Pat Sin Leng range. Conical peaks rise up, towering over the lower wooded slopes. Father downstream, below a wide bridge, Bride's Pool enters the vast expanse of Plover Cove Reservoir.



Half-day Course to Bride's Pool


How to get there:

By bus or minibus

First to take the MTR East Rail to Tai Po Market Station. Take green minibus 20R at Tai Po Market Station to Bride’s Pool or take bus 275R at Tai Po Market Station (service only available on Sundays and public holidays).

By driving

There are some metered parking spaces available at and near the entrance of the trail.

Tips: Remember to bring along enough water, foods, sunglasses and sun cap.  



How to Explore Bride's Pool


travel route

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Key of Attraction

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Descending Walk

Stone bridge

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Location Map of Bride's Pool




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