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Giant’s Washboard (Half-day course)



On the southeastern shore of Tolo Channel in the Eastern New Territories, a set of Early Cretaceous volcaniclastic sedimentary rock strata called Lai Chi Chong Formation are distributed around rural Lai Chi Chong and nearby coastal areas. They are “younger” than the sedimentary rock of Ma Shi Chau but “older” than that of Tung Ping Chau. Research has shown that this region has rather complicated geological setting and rock types, with Mesozoic volcaniclastic sedimentary rocks, tuff, rhyolite and Paleozoic sedimentary rocks occurring locally. The uneven stratum on the foreshore near the Lai Chi Chong pier is volcanic ash sedimentary rock. Displaying very distinctive foldings, faults and bedding structure, it is an ideal location for geological study.
Major outcropped sections of Lai Chi Chong Formation can be found on the beach west of Lai Chi Chong pier. Although less than 200m wide, these sections manifest extremely complicated rock properties that include tuffite, tuffaceous sandstone, siltstone, coarse ash crystal tuff, eutaxitic fine ash tuff and porphyritic rhyolite in current bedding. Bedding development is excellent with a wealth of visible sedimentary structures, such as current bedding, graded bedding, convolute bedding and subaquatic slump. Signs occurring from folding, fault and discordance of strike directions are also clearly noticeable.



Half-day Course to Lai Chi Chong


How to get there:

By ferry from Ma Liu Shui Pier

A ferry sails directly to Lai Chi Chong from Ma Liu Shui.

Ferry enquiry: Traway Travel Limited 2527 2513. Ferry Schedule.

By hiking

To go by road, take green minibus no. 7 in Sai Kung Market and get off at Pak Sha O. Get on the hill path and walk for 3.5 km.

Tips: Remember to bring along enough water, foods, sunglasses and sun cap.  



How to Explore Lai Chi Chong

Rocks at Lai Chi Chong are best viewed when exposed during low tide. During high tide, you can still see some outcrops and sedimentary features on the west coast near the pier.


travel route

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Video of Lai Chi Chong






Key of Attraction

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Lai Chi Chong Pier

Small-scale Fault

Small-scale Fault


Strike-slip Fault

Chert Layer

Chert Layer


Rock Layers

Convolute Bedding

Load Structure




Location Map of Lai Chi Chong




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