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Explored lots of mountains, valleys and deserts? Admired numerous geographic wonders? But how many Hong Kong Records do you know? These rocks, large or small and diversified in colour, are really outstanding. Now let's search for the height, length, beauty and age records and enjoy the unique charms of nature.


The most obvious fault
Tolo Channel to
Sha Tin River Valley
Tolo Channel to Sha Tin River Valley
Faults in Hong Kong, mainly tending northeast-southwest, have shaped the principal river valleys of Hong Kong, like Tolo Channel and Sha Tin River Valley.
The highest mountain
Tai Mo Shan
Tai Mo Shan
Volcanic rocks highly resistant to erosion form the highest mountain of Hong Kong - Tai Mo Shan (957m).
The reddest island
Port Island (Chek Chau)
Port Island (Chek Chau)

About a hundred million years ago, climate in Port Island became extremely dry and hot, and the iron in sedimentary rocks oxidized into red iron oxide, which gives rocks a red appearance.

The longest waterfall
Ng Tung Chai Main Falls
Ng Tung Chai Main Falls of Tai Mo Shan
The Main Falls of Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls in Tai Mo Shan Country Park, about 35m long, is the longest waterfall of Hong Kong.
The largest plunge pool
Luk Wu of Sai Kung
Luk Wu of Sai Kung
Luk Wu waterfall in Sai Kung East Country Park originates from Luk Wu Plateau, the falling water of which erodes the bottom of the waterfall, forming a huge plunge pool.
The highest sea arch
Lam Wan Kok Arch
Lam Wan Kok Arch in Basalt Island
The nearly vertical columnar joints are easily eroded by waves, which provides a good condition for the formation of this towering and thin sea arch (about 45 m high).
The longest beach
Cheung Sha Beach of Lantau Island
Cheung Sha Beach of Lantau Island
Cheung Sha Beach, located in the south of Lantau Island, has long and narrow beach with snowy sand.



The most beautiful rock
Amah Rock
Amah Rock
Amah Rock was rated as the most beautiful rock in the election in 2007 of the Most Beautiful Rock in Hong Kong.
The oldest rock
Wong Chuk Kok Tsui
Wong Chuk Kok Tsui
This oldest rock of Hong Kong, formed by the sediments of 400 million years ago, can be found now in Wong Chuk Kok Tsui on the north shore of Tolo Channel, northeast of New Territories.
The youngest rock
Tung Ping Chau
Tung Ping Chau
Tung Ping Chau, located in Mirs Bay northeast of Hong Kong, has the youngest rock of Hong Kong - about 55 million years old
The highest hexagonal rock column
High Island (Leung Shuen Wan) coast
High Island
(Leung Shuen Wan) coast
The extremely hot volcanic ash and lava cool down rapidly to form the nearly vertical columnar joints—the hexagonal rock columns in High Island coast, Sai Kung, about 100m high.
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