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Hong Kong Global Geopark of China
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  Geo Tours > Geo Tour Routes

Geo Tours > Geo Tour Routes

9 land tour routes and 2 boat tour routes have been developed in order to enhance recreational and educational values of the geopark tourism activity. The routes are planned and designed according to characteristic and the geological situation of various scenic sites.

Boot Tours Land Excursion

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Nature-oriented Tourism Development Principle

Aiming at protecting natural resources, eco-tourism is a form of tour conducive to the sustainable development of the environment, focusing on experiencing and learning about nature. Eco-tours must be organized in ways that ensure a minimal impact on the protected area, and should focus on learning about local customs and practices in the protected area.

Geopark Partners

All guided geotours provided by our partners meet the following basic conditions:

  • They are led by tour guides who have completed a geotourism guiding course.
  • They provide clear charges and itineraries.
  • They provide nature-oriented, conservation-centred itineraries.
  • They abide by safety guidelines for Visiting Geosites in Hong Kong, Code for Practice of Tour Groups, and Safety Guidelines.
  • They comply with the planning and management principles set up by Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, and do not land in the core protection areas designated by the management authority for reasons of conservation and safety.
  • They are eager to act in accordance with the publicity plans and improvement suggestions of the management authority.

Requirements for organizations seeking a partnership arrangement with Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark of China


Brief Introduction to Geopark Partners

Environmental Association Limited

Tai Po Geoheritage Centre
Guided tour of Ma Shi Chau Geo Trail
Guided tour of Northeast Sedimentary Rock Region

Introduction: The Environmental Association Limited was established in 1997 as a charitable organization with its missions to promote environmental education and protection in Tai Po and throughout Hong Kong. In 2009, the Organization established the first Geopark education center in Hong Kong, the Tai Po Geoheritage Centre with its aims to the education and promotion of geoconservation and local culture as well the facilitation of community participation among the village people, volunteers and the general public.

Tel: +852 2667 0992 / +852 2667 0996

Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong

Guided tour of Lai Chi Wo Nature Trail
Lai Chi Wo Geoheritage Centre
Kat O Geoheritage Centre
Guided tour of Northeast Sedimentary Rock Region

Introduction: The Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong was established by a group of volunteers for the conservation of the landforms and rocks of Hong Kong. They are involved with disseminating scientific information about the geology of our earth, and promoting eco-tourism and the sustainable development of our geological resources, so as to make Hong Kong a better place to live. To publicize and support the establishment and development of Hong Kong National Geopark, the Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong has established the Lai Chi Wo Geoheritage Centre (providing free guided tours) and Kat O Geoheritage Centre (providing exhibits and rock specimens).

Tel: +852 9200 5760

Sai Kung District Community Centre

Sai Kung Geoheritage Information Centre
Guided tour of Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region

Introduction: Sai Kung Geo-heritage Information Centre aims to provide information of Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark and to arouse public awareness on conserving the valuable geological features of the Geopark.

Tel: +852 8200 0248

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