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Hong Kong Global Geopark of China
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UNESCO global geopark is a unique natural area with special geological significance and natural and cultural landscapes, and serves the three objectives of conservation, education and sustained development.

UNESCO Global Geoparks are widely distributed around the globe. The geoparks are recognized for the international value of their geological heritage sites and landscapes, and are promoted as sustainable and green tourism destinations. UNESCO Global Geoparks offer visitors high-quality tourist products and activities to encourage visitors to discover hidden natural treasures and enjoy the natural and cultural heritage, local traditions, products and gastronomy of the geopark communities, inspired by the close relationship between people and nature.

Geoparks meeting the prescribed conditions may be listed as national and global geoparks. The enlistment of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark provides momentum for local nature conservation and sustainable tourism in the future.

Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark will thrive to display to the world its natural conservation results which Hong Kong people are proud of. The international image of Hong Kong does not have to be just a city with many buildings but can also be a natural and healthy international metropolis.


Some land tour and boat tour routes have been developed, according to characteristic and the geological situation of various geosites, in order to enhance the recreational and educational values of the geopark tourism. For a safe trip, please observe the safety code and guidelines when visiting the geosites in Hong Kong.

High Island High Island
Double Haven Double Haven
Ung Kong Group Ung Kong Group
Ma Shi Chau Ma Shi Chau
Ninepin Island Ninepin Island
Wong Chuk Kok Tsui Wong Chuk Kok Tsui
Sharp Island Sharp Island
Tung Ping Chau Tung Ping Chau
Kat O Kat O
Ap Chau Ap Chau
Lai Chi Wo Lai Chi Wo

Visiting the geosites

UNESCO Global Geopark welcomes and encourages any public or private partnership from the local community and travel sector to support the sustainable development of the geopark. Visitors may visit the visitor centre to acquire the essential information for planning your first trip, or to consider to join a geopark tour leading by experienced geopark guides.

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Safety guidelines for visiting the geosites
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