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Hong Kong Global Geopark of China
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  Geopark > Local Participation
  Geopark > Local Participation

Geopark > Local Participation

One requirement of the Global Geoparks Network (GGN) is that a geopark should encourage public or private partnership proposals from the community to support the sustainable development of the geopark. Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark welcomes such proposals.

Genuine and sustainable local participation is essential for UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Supporting partners of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark (HKUGG) must meet the following requirements:

  1. Demonstrate commitment to geo-conservation and the promotion of HKUGG;
  2. Be familiar with the core objectives and operations of HKUGG, as well as the GGN concept;
  3. Facilitate the sustainable development and promotion of geo-tourism, as well as the operation of geopark tours, if applicable;
  4. Engage local communities in geopark-related activities as far as possible;
  5. Display or exhibit at prominent places in the venue(s) science popularisation information and HKUGG messages following the geopark communication concepts;
  6. Demonstrate readiness and capability to provide quality local products or geopark services which will help promote geopark branding;
  7. Ensure staff in charge of the programme undertake geopark familiarization training and designate staff member(s) of managerial grade to address geopark-related enquiries;
  8. Undertake to work closely with HKUGG with a view to achieving the key objectives set by the GGN; and
  9. Check with HKUGG before commencing any new geopark activities or initiatives.

Partners meeting these requirements can apply for the use of the HKUGG logo, provided it is confined to geopark-related products or activities agreed by HKUGG. Either party may terminate this arrangement by giving notice to the other in writing.

Role of HKUGG

Like many other UNESCO Global Geoparks, HKUGG values and provides an open and participative environment for local engagement and partnership. While HKUGG offer assistance to facilitate our partners’ fulfillment of these requirements and to ensure they operate in line with the GGN concept, we will NOT take part in the business operations of any public or private partnership programme.

Partnership recommendations are guided by the following principles:

  1. The objectives and scope of the partnership must be consistent with the core objectives of HKUGG and the GGN concept.
  2. The partnership activity should help promote geo-conservation, enrich geo-tourism and provide tourist information required by HKUGG.
  3. The partnership must demonstrate respect for, and encouragement and protection of local cultural values, and match local conditions, and the natural and cultural character of the area.
  4. The partnership must provide sustainable benefits to the local community and local businesses. It should stimulate economic activity within the framework of sustainable development, while protecting the natural assets of HKUGG.

Interested parties can contact us at:


Local Participation

Last edited on 1 July 2016

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