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Tai Long Wan

The Maldives of Hong Kong (One-day course)



The Tai Long Wan Hiking Trail Starting at Sai Wan Pavilion, this immensely popular hiking trail first traverses Sai Wan and then Ham Tin Wan, both of which face the Pacific Ocean. It never ceases to amaze visitors with such landforms as streams and estuaries as well as turquoise water and fine sand. In addition, the path that connects Sai Wan and Chek Keng is composed of strata formed by volcanic activities in Sai Kung around 140 million years ago. Volcanic activities were active and extensive here in ancient times, as evidenced by the changes of the strata that are easily noticed on the cliff face and rocks.

The Sai Kung Peninsula is a flooded coastline, which accounts for its large number of inlets, coves and bays. This area has a remarkably long coastline and the greatest and loveliest coastal features in Hong Kong. In the north, there are wild, isolated coves and bays. In the east lie the famed beaches of Tung Wan, Tai Long, Ham Tin and Sai Wan.



One-day Course to Tai Long Wan


How to get there:

By Village Bus at Sai Kung Town

Take the village bus 29R at Sai Kung market and get off at the pavilion near the end of Sai Wan Road, hike to Ham Tin through Sai Wan. Ascend to Tai Long Au and down to Chek Keng and hike up to Pak Tam Au. There are buses or minibus to Sai Kung Town Centre at finishing point of the Trail at Pak Tam Au. Visitors can also undertake the tours in the opposite direction.

Tips: Weekend store provides water and soft drinks at Sai Wan and Ham Tin. Remember to bring along enough water, foods, sunglasses and sun cap.  



How to Explore Tai Long Wan


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Key of Attraction

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Sai Wan Road

Sai Wan

Weekend Store

Hiking Trail

Tai Long Wan

Ham Tin

Sandy Beach

Mong Yue Kok

Wooden bridge

Tai Chau & Tsim Chau

Tai Wan

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